Float Day Checklist

Prepping for your float is easy. If you have an opportunity, please check out our "Float Day Checklist" video or document below. We will have the video and document available when you arrive as well.

We have also provided an FAQ section below. If you have any questions not covered in the FAQ please ask us!


First Float FAQ

+ What if I am claustrophobic?

You are in complete control of your float and it is up to you whether you'd like the pod's door open or closed, the internal light on or off, or if you'd like music to play to aid in your comfort.

We encourage anyone hesitant about floating due to claustrophobia to ease into the experience and let us know ahead of time if you have concerns. If you try it and are certain floating isn't for you, we will refund your session.

During sensory devprivation there is often a feeling of being in a complete open since there aren't visual cues telling you that the ceiling and walls are nearby, so as you grow comfortable with the sensation of floating, the phobia may ease as well.

+ What if I am pregnant?

All the more reason to come and float!

The zero gravity effects will give you a true feeling of relaxation and will allow all your back muscles to decompress and recover. From float center to float center, floating while pregnant is highly recommended as we often hear of great bonding experiences between you and your unborn child.

The pure silence and lack of other stimuli really allows you to hone in on your body.

+ Can I float if I just dyed my hair?

You will be the best judge for this. If you notice dye coming from your hair during your regular showers we suggest holding off on your float.

There is no guarantee that the Epsom salts will not fade your color or cause your color to run and so it's best to err on the side of caution and give it some time.

+ How do you keep the pod water clean?

After each session, the filtration cycle begins and the water is pumped through a 1 micron filter (this is smaller that the width of a human hair).

For perspective, these filters are FDA compliant and are used for drinking water systems. In addition, the pods offer DEL UV and ozone water treatment that sanitize the inner pod walls, while sterilizing the air and water.

Last but not least, the pod water is super saturated with up to 1,000 lbs of Epsom salts and we commonly reference it to the Dead Sea simply because nothing lives in The Dead Sea.

+ Do I need to bring anything?

When you schedule your float we'll be sure to email you the link to watch our Float Day Checklist Video which should tell you most all the Do's and Don'ts come float day.

Post float, you will be asked to shower to rinse off the excess salt and so we will provide most of the amenities to satisfy those needs like a towel, body wash & shampoo, Q-tips, and a hairdryer (in the vanity area).

Please bring anything else you might need to freshen up after a shower that wasn't mentioned above.

Do you have any more questions? Just ask below.

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